This afternoon we made our own kites out of twigs, newspaper and string.  We thought about the effects of the wind and how although we cannot see it, we know it is there.  This is like God in many ways – we cannot prove His existence, but we see His work around us.  

We made bird feeders out of apples and bird seed. We hung some in the woods and took the rest to our gardens at home to feed the birds there.

Great morning in the woods! We may have got a LITTLE damp but it didn’t stop us collecting plenty of bags of rubbish. Enormous thanks to Dr Liz Rylott who helped us to identify fungi, and to understand the important part that fungi plays in the life of the woods. We will wait with baited breath to see what colour the spores are that come out of our mushrooms overnight… Extra points if you can spot the ear fungi, and the shaggy ink mushroom 🙂

We had a great time in the woods this afternoon!  We went on a conker hunt and looked for other seeds from trees.  We thought about how those seeds could grow into enormous trees and become their part of God’s creation.

Lovely Forest Church this afternoon! We looked for evidence of animals, birds and insects in the woods, and found plenty. We thought about the story of David and Goliath, and fired small pine cones from our newly-made catapults. Well done, kids!

We were busy this afternoon making habitats for the insects that live in the woods.  We made bug hotels and bug mugs to put in our gardens at home.  We thought about the importance of all of the creatures in God’s kingdom, and how every single one has a job to do.

Awesome session at Forest Church this afternoon. We made log dogs and talked about how we could look after them. Many of the children already knew the story of the Good Samaritan, which we shared together. At the end we took our log dogs for a walk to the log dog playground

Lovely afternoon at Forest Church. We went on a treasure hunt, made faces on the trees and whispered prayers in the listening tree. And, of course, ate biscuits and drank hot chocolate! I struggled to find all of the butterflies at the end… Good job the children knew where they were

We collected 20 bags of litter between us this morning. Well done to the 13 adults and13 children who took part! The woods are a nicer place to be in now. I’m looking forward to hearing how everyone’s radishes grow, too

Unfortunately we decided to cancel Forest Church today as branches were falling off trees in the woods by our usual spot.