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Boy next to teddy with a home-made wormery

My daughter’s Biology work this week was to make a wormery.  We decided to make it a family task, and donned our gardening gloves.  We needed: Empty 2-litre plastic bottle Soil Sand Water Worms Dead leaves and vegetable peelings Scissors Dark coloured paper Sellotape Here is what we did: 1. Cut the a quarter of the water bottle off at the top.  Cut a slit into the side of the piece that has been cut off.  This will be your lid. 2. Layer the bottle with soil and sand, drizzling water gently over each layer.  We made the layers of sand thinner than the layers of soil.  Leave around 5 centimetres at the top of the bottle empty. 3. Find some worms!  (Plenty of digging happened here) 4. Place the worms on top of the soil and watch them burrow down the layers. 5. Add some dead leaves and vegetable…

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